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Chelsea Girls

from by Dream Arcade



Every other weekend
I dig myself out of my bed
To hear the rich girls laugh
At the bar downstairs
They smell like honey
And twist their hair
And make me wish that I were
Somebody else famous
Or well dressed

But I can’t afford a cab home
This drink has turned my hands cold
The bodies that I can’t hold
Fade fast into the night again

They’re not coming home with me
They’re not going home tonight
They’re not coming home with me
Will I ever get anything right?

‘Cause I’m just not built for pleasure
I tear the hair out of my head
If I stay too long it’ll just get worse
My legs will buckle
My heart will burst
‘Cause everyone I thought was keeping me safe
Is not there
It’s not fair

They’re passed out on the G train
Swimming deep in champagne
Can’t remember my name
Why say anything, now?
I guess it’s just our fate
Repeat the same mistakes
Learn nothing from our pain
As if it now comes again
I feel it in my lungs
And in my bed

But I don’t think it’s too late
And I don’t think I can wait
Or I risk losing all the beautiful things
I could make with you
And all the magic
That could stay in my memory

Are you coming home with me?
Are you coming home tonight?
Are you coming home with me?
Let’s dance into the light


from Dream Arcade – EP, released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Dream Arcade Brooklyn, New York

Bombing through the suburbs in your parents' car at dusk.

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