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Dream Arcade – EP

by Dream Arcade

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I think you remember.

The Saturday evenings when you would drive your parents’ old sedan across town. The Weekend: the province of golden, open houses breathing in and out suburban armies of lost trippers, overachieving Adderall addicts, and drug-dealing lushes lighting up on the corner. Out past the sterile hospital glow of liquor store windows and halogen streetlights burning the high school football field. Where sad kids would convene for a single night to drink and destroy in the absence of any authority but their own – hawkeyed police cruisers waiting for them to emerge from the woods and basements in a feverish dance, starving and filled with hope, alcohol, and medication.

After dark, the bedroom doors lock, concealing the young and hungry, the sweaty and ecstatic. Outside, older brothers pile their trunks with cheap beer and race past distant bonfires that light up the woods: crushed cans, split trees, clouds of acrid-sweet smoke. Young, idle, bored, and beloved; hell-bent on kissing until their gums bleed; a generation with blown-out ears and perfectly straight teeth. One day you will miss this, and it will all be gone. For now, there is the fading sun, the smell of the cut grass, and the promise of the night.


released August 6, 2013

All music, lyrics, production, engineering, and mixing by Mikel McCavana © 2013

Mixed at YouTooCanWoo Studios, Brooklyn, May-July 2013.

Album photo by Dana Kandić (www.danakandic.com)
Dream Arcade logo by Amanda Wilson (www.amandawilsonart.com)
Album cover design by Moira McCavana (moiramc.carbonmade.com)

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all rights reserved


Dream Arcade Brooklyn, New York

Bombing through the suburbs in your parents' car at dusk.

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Track Name: Fast Towards Heaven
I’m hurtling fast towards heaven
I’m listening to you breathe
I’m looking over your shoulder
Like somebody’s watching me

You won’t be alone forever
Cursing behind clenched teeth
Shaking like it’s December
Under the cold, damp sheets

And even now my blood thickens
Whenever I hear her name
I think of the lonely miles
And everything I can’t change

And I’m looking through all her pictures
I’m wishing that I were there
Is it possible to recover
The memories we don’t share?
I don’t care

(I still believe)
It’s better to leave behind
Will I ever tell her why?
It’s better that I don’t try
Is she even home tonight?
It’s better to leave behind
I can’t believe again

(I still believe)
It’s better to leave behind
Will I ever tell her why?
It’s better that I don’t try
Is she even home tonight?
It’s better to leave behind
Is it really better, baby?
Is it really better to say goodbye?

But I’m hurtling fast towards heaven
I’m watching you as you sleep
I wish that I could have touched you
The way that you feel in dreams
But I’m holding a burning candle
Hoping that the light won’t die
I’m feeling the rough rain falling
I’m walking alone tonight
Track Name: Safe
In another life
When I was immune
To the slings and knives
The cuts and the wounds
We were riding on a high
And the future was intact
Now I’m split from deep inside
And I’ll never get it back

You left me with no choice
I’m trying to stay poised
While you sing in your sad voice
It’s the last noise
That I’ll hear

But now you’re far away
And don’t give me one thought
And though we could still talk
You cut it off
And you left me here to beg

So you could shut it down (just so you know)
Keep me out (you’re right)
Run around (you didn’t)
Just like you didn’t care (I wish you’d)
Stay around (just so I could)
Stay in town (be with you)
If only it were so

But now you’re gone
The lights are off
And people talk
And now it’s wrong
You want it gone, after falling there
You never were safe
Were you ever safe, baby?

But now you’re gone
The lights are off
And people talk
And now it’s wrong
You want it gone, after falling there
You never were safe

But you’re not there
And people stare
And everything has gone to shit
And now you want what you know’s not fair
You never were safe
Track Name: Things I've Lost
Do you really think I’m gonna
Stop thinking about all the things I’ve lost?
Threw a few away back then
Lost all the others just by accident
Like when I was back in school
I was too nice, and she was too cool
Took me back to the gym
Scared me right into my skin

And my car was on
And her hair was long
And the sky was dark
But she wouldn’t go home
When the red lights flashed
I just couldn’t turn back
The radio static
The night was manic
And I was panicking, baby

At least now I know I’m prone
To turning my back on the things I want
Nothing can go as planned
Nothing I want can last
When was the last time
You shaped the world with your hands?
Just thank me
Thank me for that

This town just won’t let me leave
Your house isn’t there for me anymore
I think I see you on the street sometimes
When I want you, you will not be mine
This town just won’t let me leave
Track Name: Chelsea Girls
Every other weekend
I dig myself out of my bed
To hear the rich girls laugh
At the bar downstairs
They smell like honey
And twist their hair
And make me wish that I were
Somebody else famous
Or well dressed

But I can’t afford a cab home
This drink has turned my hands cold
The bodies that I can’t hold
Fade fast into the night again

They’re not coming home with me
They’re not going home tonight
They’re not coming home with me
Will I ever get anything right?

‘Cause I’m just not built for pleasure
I tear the hair out of my head
If I stay too long it’ll just get worse
My legs will buckle
My heart will burst
‘Cause everyone I thought was keeping me safe
Is not there
It’s not fair

They’re passed out on the G train
Swimming deep in champagne
Can’t remember my name
Why say anything, now?
I guess it’s just our fate
Repeat the same mistakes
Learn nothing from our pain
As if it now comes again
I feel it in my lungs
And in my bed

But I don’t think it’s too late
And I don’t think I can wait
Or I risk losing all the beautiful things
I could make with you
And all the magic
That could stay in my memory

Are you coming home with me?
Are you coming home tonight?
Are you coming home with me?
Let’s dance into the light
Track Name: Summer Salt
I’m stuck in my town
Nobody’s around
Feeling kind of down
My summer salt

Shimmer into shape
Holding up ok
But feeling so unsafe
And bacchanal

Coughing up a sigh
Calling me to crime
Sweat that’s on your spine
My summer salt

What could we create?
More than I can take
I’m all burnt out of flame
So call it off

If I was afraid
I’m just glad you came
To swallow my mistakes
My summer salt

Somewhere in the room
I’ll float into you
Forever entombed
Inside these walls

Whether you’re sticking out
Or whether you’re running down
I’ll face up
Do what ever that I wanna do

I only got one taste
And now I cannot face
Girl, I’ll do whatever you want me to

Remember my name
Don’t forget that day
Once upon a train
A time ago